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Our Team

Who we really are

Meet the Evolution4all Team

We are a team of businesses leaders entrepreneurs and influencers with a lot of charisma determined to create a better world, improving one company at a time.

Management Team

Pushing forward

Luís Gonçalves
Managing Director
Veronica Gonçalves
Marketing & Partnership Director

Our Partners

Because we are never alone

AKTIA Solutions

AKTIA Solutions is a Management Consulting firm driving market leadership for digital businesses. They specialise in enabling operational excellence, creating extraordinary products that deliver unique customer experiences and driving innovation. AKTIA also helps develop leadership across the organisation to nurture and sustain growth.

  • Lean Organisation
  • Digital Product Management
  • Innovation
  • Executive Coaching
  • The evolution4all team is a creative, bold, intelligent and resourceful group of professionals who can quickly impress in any organisational setup. Their eagerness to enhance not only the working environment but processes, solutions, products and services is simply inspiring.
    Tiago Luchini
    Partner at WORK CO
    Evolution4all helped us at a critical moment when our team was adrift and need to reboot they're way of working and organizing themselves. Luis and his team spent a full week with us working with us and built from what we had at the time to a process that perfectly fitted our needs for product development.
    Ruil Alves
    CEO at Rupeal


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