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Scrum Team Coach

Take your team to the next level of delivery...

Nowadays, external Scrum Master is in high demand as companies finally embrace Agile. Becoming Agile is top of the agenda for many organisations if this is your case this product might be for you.


Do you want your Scrum team to assist successful and productive sprints that will enhance the performance of the organisation as a whole?


The main goal of having a Scrum Master is to create stable and self-organised teams with a clear and engaging direction, help to identify and resolve organisational impediments, as well as educate the organisation on Agile methodologies.


Scrum Team Coach Product

Scrum Team Coach Product

This is a six-month product helping organisations enable Scrum in one or maximum two teams. Once implemented, the Scrum team will assist successful and productive sprints that will enhance the performance of the organisation as a whole.


This product is much better than any other Scrum Mastering offer because:

  • The concrete set of outcomes
  • It’s very transparent towards what the customer will get
  • Delivers a package of services much more complete than what most of the consultants offer as Scrum Masters
  •  Set the expectations from the beginning
  • Very hard for the customer to be cheated with blurred daily fees
  • Our official language is English we can offer you the best consultants in Europe.

This product is not for companies and leaders who:

  • Are looking for the cheapest product in the market
  • Think a Scrum Master is a team assistant
  • Think that anyone can do the Scrum Master job
  • Think that Scrum Master is a part-time job
  • Just want to find someone to fulfil the position

Instead is for leaders who:

  • Understand that having great Agile Teams is the way to go
  • Are tired of mediocracy and are eager to make a difference
  • Wants to create a fantastic team that everyone talks about
  • Do not mind to pay a premium price to get premium quality
  • Want to have their colleagues and peers congratulate them on their team performances
  • Wants to have their boss at their side and congratulate him for the team performance
If you want to know more about this package feel free to contact our team.