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Organisational Mastery

Become Highly Valued And Recognised Leader In Your Industry


How To Scale A Business With Speed And Simplicity

Are you an entrepreneur or executive leader from a 7-8 figures organisation looking to scale your business without losing speed, alignment and more importantly without increasing complexity?


Then you need to attend this 1 Day conference designed for Leaders like you. Organisational Mastery Day will teach you how to design a fantastic organisation where scaling your business will become easy and simple.

What Will You Learn In This Event

We believe the path that most entrepreneurs go through when it comes to scaling their business is often the same. They join a company or start their business and in this stage everything happens fast.


There is no need for real strategy as everyone is seated in the same room and talk with each-other, basically they just shout loud and everyone is aligned. There is no need to think about organisational design, organisational impediments, how to share knowledge with each other or have a proper strategy to drive innovation.


When the company starts growing, people are not seated in the same room anymore and what was easy before starts getting complicated. Entrepreneurs start to have the need to communicate the strategy in a proper way. Typical matrix organisation starts to emerge, organisational impediments appear, knowledge is not shared and innovation stops.


When the organisation starts to grow leaders must have a set of tools in place and more importantly integrate those tools in order to build a fantastic organisation and that is the objective of Organisational Mastery, a fantastic blueprint created to help organisations to scale with speed and simplicity.


Organisational Mastery

Organisational Mastery is a programme that was designed to help entrepreneurs and executive leaders of 7-8 figures organisations to scale their business without losing speed, alignment and more importantly without increasing complexity.

Who Should Attend

The Organisational Mastery Day is an event for founders, c-suite leaders and anyone that is leading an organisation. At this moment we will not open any places for people who does not fit into the previous description.

Organisational Mastery Day Topics

  • You will learn how to scale and grow an organisation that keeps everyone aligned to the big purpose and at any time people will understand how their work is connected to the big picture.
  • You will understand why matrix organisations are outdated and will destroy your company if you want to scale and grow with simplicity
  • You will understand a great way to grow without losing sight of your organisational challenges
  • You learn how to build an organisation that shares knowledge internally and more importantly with the outside world resulting in being able to retain and recruit the best talent.
  • You will understand how easy is to include innovation as part of your company DNA.
  • Understand how digital marketing can explode your business and sales
  • How you can build a business that is taking decisions based on data and not gut feelings
  • How to build a fantastic product development organisation
  • How outsourcing can help you to reduce time to market and help you to scale your business


Luis Gonçalves
Managing Director Evolution4All

Luis Gonçalves is an Entrepreneur, Author & International Keynote Speaker that works exclusively with Senior Executives of 7 to 8 figure businesses on the deployment of his game changing ‘Organisational Mastery’ Methodology.

Gerard Chiva
Managing Director Aktia Solutions

Gerard Chiva works with digital businesses to drive market leadership by enabling operational excellence, customer focus, innovation and strategic alignment. He offers expert advice, consulting and coaching to companies who develop software based products which are looking for high growth rates.

Manel Levi
CEO at Enlightenment.AI

Manuel Levi is the new kid on the block 🙂

Pedro Santos
CEO at Darwin Labs

Husband, father of 3, serial entrepreneur, MBA, author of European founders at work