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Agile Management Consultant

Are you ready to take this challenge and helps us to make an impact into this world?

Munich, Fulltime

“Creating a better world by building high performing organisations that people love to work for”


We believe that evolution4all exists to create an impact in the world… We believe that we as a company can help leaders in different organisations all over the world to change for the better.


With our knowledge and know how, we can help transform organisations into high performing organisations that people love to work for. If you think that you as an individual can contribute and help us to build on this this vision, keep reading.


This position will be based in Munich, Germany, but as in many other consulting companies, travelling is required. If you want to work in a startup and be proud of what we do in our daily job, this is the place for you.


You will work in a business with a great spirit, you will have the opportunity to participate in crazy experiments that we do on a weekly basis.


evolution4all will offer you several trainings to enable you achieve success and know-how in a really fast way.


If everything goes as expected this position will evolve into an Organisational Management Consulting and you will be responsible to support the implementation of our core product “Organisational Mastery”.


We are proud of applying everything we preach to our clients inside of our own company. Therefore, this job is not recommended for anyone who expects a traditional company.


We try new ideas inside our own company and we highly value everyone´s input. We believe that everyone is an important part of our company and therefore we expect our people to provide ideas and suggestion on how to become better.


We truly believe in establishing authority trough out content creation therefore this will be a big part of your job. We usually work 4 days a week on with a client and the 5th day is devoted to discussing ideas together, producing useful content or simply attending external trainings or conferences.


You will be part of an on-boarding process, evolution4all will offer you several trainings to enable you achieve success and know-how rapidly. This position has the possibility to evolve into Agile Senior Management Consulting position.


Your Mission:
Responsible for mentoring, teach and coach our customers´ AgileTeams. You will be responsible to help teams increase efficiency, motivation and continuously improve. The ultimate goal is to self-empower teams where your presence is not required in a later stage.


Join a client and be able to build a team that is able to utilise Scrum or Kanban in a smooth way after 6 months


Within 6 months(in the client) you must be able to:

  • Promote agile values and principles across the organisation
  • Deliver 1 Day Scrum Training with NPS score of at least 10%
  • Deliver 1-Day workshop for the team to learn to optimise their performance
  • Deliver a Story Mapping workshop with NPS of at least 10%
  • Deliver a Impact Mapping workshop with NPS of at least 10%
  • Deliver a workshop on causal loop diagram with NPS of at least 10%
  • Ramp up Communities of Practice for the teams (Book Club, Lunch talks, coding dojos)
  • Establish Kaizen boards to track learnings and improvements

Evolution4all expects that you will:

  • Be a speaker at 3 conferences a year
  • Write a bi-weekly blog post to spread knowledge in evolution4all public blog
  • Write a pocketbook every year (to be published under evolution4all series brand)
  • Record educational videos to be published in evolution4all youtube channel

Your Qualifications:

  • No need to have University Degree, we value what people know, not what papers show
  • CSM or CSP or any other certification is a plus, not a necessity
  • At least 1 year of experience as Scrum Master
  • Applying Agile methodologies outside of Software development is considered a plus
  • Possibly good technical experience and understanding
  • Workshop facilitation skills
  • High communication skills
  • Eager to continuously learn and experiment
  • Comfortable to drive organisational change
  • Able to travel within Europe

Your Competencies:

  • Enthusiasm – Exhibit passion and excitement over work. You have a can-do attitude
  • High Standards – Expect team and personal performance to be nothing short of the best
  • Listening Skills – Let others speak and understand different points of view in an empathic way
  • Flexibility/ adaptability – Adapt well to changes in different conditions and priorities
  • Openness To Criticism – often solicit feedback
  • Teamwork – Reach out to peers and cooperate with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship
  • Persuasion – Have the capability to persuade others with your ideas
  • Sales – Must be able to identify possible opportunities to the organisation and be able to pass it to the sales team in order to develop the business

Our values are very important for us, therefore we expect that you are fully comfortable to use them on your daily work:

  • Make an Impact
  • Improve yourself
  • Have a blast
If you decide to apply for this job, think what can you bring to the company in order to be aligned with these values.