GOOGLE DESIGN SPRINT GUIDE: The Very First Step To Understanding How Innovations Happen In Just One Week

Executives and corporate leaders of product development organisations, it's time to transform your organisation into a fantastic innovative company where innovation is part of your DNA

Google Design Sprint Guide

An overview of Design Sprint

Design Sprint is based on the concept of Design Thinking which refers to the cognitive, strategic and practical processes of developing a new product. 

Benefits and drawbacks of Design Sprints

Many tech companies utilise the Google Design Sprint due to its numerous advantages. This guide will show you how they can benefit your business and what you should be aware of.

Google Design sprint in practice

This guide will show you exactly how Google Design Sprint works and how to implement it. You'll learn the sprint stages, which are divided into five days, including five problem-solving steps.

How to conduct effective Design Sprint

Planning ahead and creating an effective Design Sprint is the key! This guide will show you a few necessary steps to take in order to conduct effective Design Sprints. 

Best practices for a successful Sprint

This Google Design Sprint guide highlights the most important best practices when implementing Design Sprints to help you prepare to run a successful Sprint in your company. 

Companies that use Design Sprints

Many companies from across industries make use of Design Sprints to solve major business problems and provide a better experience to their customers. We share with you 4 case interesting case studies.

And this Google Design Sprint Guide can be yours, right now, for free! It's time to take action now and start generating groundbreaking ideas that will bring your organisation closer to success!

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