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OM-OKR Certified Program

Become A Certified OKR Coach


OM-OKR Certified Program


By becoming an OM-OKR Certified Coach you will learn the essential basics of Objectives and Key Results (OKR). The workshop is suitable for directors and executives who want to learn more about this framework and how to use it effectively for results. You will be able to accelerate your organisation’s progression toward success.

What You Will Learn

  • History Of OKRs
  • Basic Of OKRs
  • OKR Guidelines
  • Common Pitfalls
  • How To Start With OKRs
  • Where To Get Great OKR Examples
  • How To Create A Company Vision
  • How To Create 2-3 Years Objectives
  • How To Break the 2-3 Years Objectives into Quarterly Objectives
  • How To Build Product Backlogs based on OKRs
  • How To Evaluate the OKRs
  • How To Use OKRs to break Organisational Silos
  • And much more but in order to explain better all the concepts we will use game simulation of a fake company and respective Products

Who Should Attend

The OM-OKR Certified Program is suitable for Directors and executives but is designed to everyone that wants to have an active role of implementing OKRs and Organisational Mastery in organisations.

Course Topics

Below you can find some of the topics that you will learn in this two days course.

  • Basics of OKRs
  • Introduction of the Objectives & Key Results framework
  • OKR and Organisational Mastery blueprint within the company for being successful with OKRs
  • Tools and templates for the rollout within your company
  • Practical exercises and working with templates


Luis Gonçalves
Managing Director Evolution4All

Luis Gonçalves is an Entrepreneur, Author and International Keynote Speaker. He works with Senior Executives to implement his ‘Organisational Mastery’ system so they can greatly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their organisations; enabling them to become recognised and highly rewarded Leaders

Gerard Chiva
Managing Director Aktia Solutions

Gerard Chiva works with digital businesses to drive market leadership by enabling operational excellence, customer focus, innovation and strategic alignment. He offers expert advice, consulting and coaching to companies who develop software based products which are looking for high growth rates.