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Our Approach

We believe the path that most entrepreneurs go through when it comes to scaling their business is often the same. They join a small company or start their business and in this stage everything happens fast.


There is no need for real strategy as everyone is seated in the same room and talk with each-other, basically they just shout loud and everyone is aligned. There is no need to think about organisational design, organisational impediments, how to share knowledge with each other or have a proper strategy to drive innovation.


When the company starts growing, people are not seated in the same room anymore and what was easy before starts getting complicated. Entrepreneurs start to have the need to communicate the strategy in a proper way. Typical matrix organisation starts to emerge, organisational impediments appear, knowledge is not shared and innovation stops.


When the organisation starts to grow leaders must have a set of tools in place and more importantly integrate those tools in order to build a fantastic organisation and develop a great product development process.  This is the reason why we developed Organisational Mastery.


Organisational Mastery is a programme that was designed to help entrepreneurs and executive leaders of 7-8 figures organisations to scale their business without losing speed, alignment and more importantly without increasing complexity.


As you can see from the previous illustration this programme consists of five main pillars that we will walk you through below.


When Organisations start growing there is a need to find effective ways to align everyone inside the company. Entrepreneurs must find effective ways to translate their strategy into daily operational actions by measuring their impact on the deliveries.


At this stage we help entrepreneurs to use tools like Agile Portfolio Management or OKRs, however, we do not use OKRs like the rest of the consultants on the market. We assure you that the OKRs are integral part of the product development cycle. To know more just visit OKR Consulting and OKR Training.


Organisations that optimise their processes to release products rapidly have much higher chance of standing out and beat their competitors. This is the next challenge of entrepreneurs that undergo scaling. Most of the educational systems and companies still use outdated organisational designs from the last century.


Most of the companies are utilising the matrix organisation style, while using the buzz word ‘Spotify model’ which means nothing more than the matrix organisation with a fancy name.


Or if we point to software development central/component teams, organisations design themselves around components, stack layers or any other setup that does not allow teams to be completely independent from others, resulting in dependencies and complexity.


This type of design is not scalable at all and if entrepreneurs follow these models they will end up having huge problems scaling organisations in a simple way without complexity.


In this pillar we help entrepreneurs to design their companies around value streams and not around functional departments. We believe with this approach companies can scale much faster without complexity.


It is crucial for any organisation to create a continuous innovation culture among all staff members to keep the pace with our dynamically changing society. The only way to survive is to continue improving your organisation through innovation and change processes.


For entrepreneurs of small companies it is something very hard to establish, because before the growth phase, they just simply spoke out about the problems and it was easily solved.


However, when the structures start to grow, you need to have a proper mechanism in place to enable everyone in the organisation to point out to problems and most importantly get them solved.


We use several tools, but one of our favourite ones is based on Lean Change Management method and the tool –  Organisational Impediment Board. 


In today’s world, an infinite number of technologies and practices in organisations are being used with varying levels of success. Without a proper strategy in place to share knowledge among employees, companies have a higher chance of failure.


Once again, what was so simple as talking in an open space it becomes tricky when you grow and try to scale your company. Therefore, if you do not have Communities of Practice in place your chances to share knowledge within your organisation are very slim.


We help you not only create those communities internally, but we also help you ramp up external meet-ups and provide you expand the capabilities in public speaking that will create memorable experiences for your audience.


The external meet-ups are a great way to create an extra channel for recruitment, which is so important especially for startups that are looking for new talent.


In a society where disruptive products are constantly coming to market, it is essential that organisations continuously work to establish ways of working that will enable innovation to flourish in all levels in their business.


When a company starts growing, it’s very easy for development teams to be trapped on their product backlogs. They do not have the previous flexibility and innovation like they used to have before.


If entrepreneurs do not consider including innovation in their product development, their companies will stop creating innovative solutions and they will become an easy pray for their competitors.


With our approach, we guarantee entrepreneurs that innovation will be part of their product development and  at the same time we help them to have an innovation strategy in place to continuously innovate.




The answer is very simple! We have been talking with several Venture Capital and Investment firms, and they’ve started to realise that having a good product and a good team is not enough anymore.


They tell us that one of the most important criterion for the investment is a company designed to support scalability! Therefore, if you take all these aspects we talked about into consideration, and you build your product development so it’s ready to scale, your changes to get the next round of investment will be much higher!