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OKR Consulting

Translating Strategy Into Daily Operations

OKRs are becoming extremely popular and organisational leaders are looking to this tool to help them to improve their organisations. In evolution4all we truly believe OKRs are a great tool but we believe as well that as any other tool will only work if combined with a broader approach.


Because of that evolution4all developed a complete methodology to help you as a leader to scale your business with speed and simplicity, below you have a picture our methodology but if you want to know more about our unique approach please visit our page Organisational Mastery.  OKR Consulting fits into the Translate Strategy part.

OKR Consulting

Our approach towards OKR Consulting differs from many other companies, we believe that OKRs only make sense completely integrated with your product development process.


A successful product development strategy helps companies achieve business goals, such as direction, product prioritisation, entering new markets, visibility, selling more to existing customers or winning business from competitors.


A great product development strategy can also increase revenue and profitability, but careful planning is essential to minimise the risks of products failures. To stay competitive, thrive and prosper, organisations need to get products to market quickly, moving through the development process at pace.


In the picture below we demonstrated how our OKR Consulting approach helps you to fully integrate OKRs with your product development life cycle.


Translating Strategy To Daily Operations

If you want to have a complete and detailed understanding how our OKR Consulting approach works please feel free to download the brochure of your service below. If you are interested in training please visit our page: OKR Training.



This 6-month programme is designed to solve one of the biggest problems CEOs have: the ability to effectively execute strategy. It will enable organisations close the gap between strategic intent and strategic outcomes by completely integrate the OKR framework with the product development of your organisation.