Communities Of Practices Guide: How to successfully create a platform for knowledge sharing and business growth

A guide to help executives to understand how Communities Of Practices can generate new lines of products or services, spread best practices among employees and help companies to find and retain talent

Community of Practice

What is Community of Practice

Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who share the same passion or interest and gather together to practice collective learning. It is a process of social learning. Learn more about the CoP in this guide. 

CoP in the business context

In the business world, the role of Communities of Practice is mainly observed in the knowledge management framework. Find out how can CoP help help your business. 

Benefits of CoP

Within organisations, members of CoP are motivated by their intrinsic desire to learn, share their knowledge and expertise, and learn from their peers.  This guide will show you how CoPs can help you create value. 

Guide for leaders and executives

CoPs can be of great value to an organisation. It can save organisations huge amount of money. But what does it take to build a successful community of practice in corporate organisations? Find out in this guide.

Steps to establish CoP

Communities of practice are great venues for knowledge sharing. But in order for CoPs to succeed, they require a solid foundation. This guide will lead you through several steps of establishing CoP in your organisation. 

Nurturing modern CoPs 

Once the Community of practice is established, leaders and executives should make sure that they are given adequate support for members to thrive and succeed. Find out what is necessary so that members are actively participating in their community.

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