Cost Of Delay GUIDE: The Very First Step To Understanding Why Your Product Development Organisation Is Losing Millions

Executives and corporate leaders of product development organisations, it's time to stop acting based on gut feelings and start making decisions based on real monetary numbers.

Cost Of Delay

What is Cost of Delay

Cost of Delay (CoD) is a lean process that helps organisations decide which initiatives to prioritise in terms of financial value. You'll find a deeper explanation in this guide. 

Elements of CoD

In this CoD guide you will learn that there are three elements of Cost of Delay which should be taken into major consideration by any development team or organisation. 

Importance of CoD

Understanding the cost of delay has significant benefits to any business. Learn major benefits you may gain when using CoD in your company. 

Types of CoD

There are several ways you can analyse Cost of Delay in your organisation. Learn the most five most important ones in this CoD guide. 

How to implement CoD in your organisation

Incorporating Cost of Delay in your business is definitely not easy. But there are certainly ways to make it happen. This guide will show you few tips how to do it. 

Calculation examples of CoD

This CoD guide will show you few approaches for determining which projects to prioritise as well as ways how to calculate CoD in your company. 

And this Cost Of Delay Guide can be yours, right now, for free! It's time to take action now and understand how to deliver the most impactful work in your organisation!

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